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Santa in the Store in May Poem

Santa in the Store in May Poem

He spotted me as I was walking through the store

Hi Santa he called and waved as his toy dropped to the floor

I waved back, smiled and walked on over to say hi

He was wiggling and grinning he was a very excited little guy

Do you have my present he asked holding out his hand

No, not today, I said to this happy little man

Your present is at the North Pole, I’ll bring it on Christmas Eve

That’s OK he said and he asked for a hug as I turned to leave

I leaned over to his outstretched arms and gave him a big ‘ol hug

And as he put his arms around me he gave my beard a little tug

His parents smiled, nodded and whispered Thank You as I walked away

It’s fun to unexpectedly see Santa during the month of May

The Spirit of Christmas is always in the hearts of little girls and boys

They love Santa all year long, not only when he brings toys

Of course adults can also feel the Spirit every day of the year

The Spirit of Christmas is a special thing that we should all hold dear