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I’ve Always Been Santa

I've Always Been Santa

Santa Claus is a friend of mine, I know him very well
So gather up real close, and listen to the story I will tell

It starts way back a long long time ago
I was probably about 3 years old or so

I don’t remember much about ol Santa, when I was just a kid
But I do remember a few, of the wonderful things he did

He would take a bite of cookie, a drink of milk and never make a noise
And he brought me an etch a sketch, a train and many other toys

We lost touch sometime before I hit my teens, until I was 24
But after my son was born, Santa again walked right through my door

For many years when the children were young I’d help Santa do his deed
I would buy, box and build most anything he would need

As the years went by and I became older, more plump and gray
I noticed an unusual thing while looking in the mirror one day

Santa wasn’t so much a mystery, or a secret, like he was before
Santa Claus was in me all the time, I now just look like him more