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How Do You Cover Your Sneeze

How Do You Cover Your Sneeze

No one likes to get sick, not me, you, or anyone
So follow these tips to stay healthy and have some fun

Do you know where we should cough or sneeze? Atchoo!
We should do it in our elbow and there’s something else too

Our mouth has germs that fly out when we sneeze
So we trap them in our elbow so they don’t fly in the breeze

Washing our hands with soap also helps us to not get sick
Or we can use sanitizing wipes to kill germs really quick

Don’t put your fingers or pencils in your mouth or your nose
And if your nose gets runny use a tissue, then in the trash it goes

These are some very good tips to stay healthy and to be nice
What list do you think your name will be on, when I check it… twice