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Santa Ed - Los Angeles

Nothing is Owed

Nothing is Owed

Emerging orange separates earth and sky
What sense is made of the who, what, when and why?
Wandering a mental maze as the miles whizz by

Highway mesmerized; a much lighter load
Contented; accepting that nothing is owed

Beaming smiles, a beacon of fun
Feeling content, in a job well done
Connected with Father and Son

Nurturing the good in new seeds sowed
Shining a light on how nothing is owed

Spreading light, dreaming dreams
Darkness vanquished in high beams
While joy is spread in social memes

Weed your garden, your lawn well mowed
Put fairy tales aside, know a toad is a toad

The journey ends, I’m where I should be
Catching up with the Mrs and her with me
With our eyes closed there’s so much that we see

Relax, breathe, disperse your load
Fulfilled by the giving, nothing is owed