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Hearing the Call

Hearing the Call

The magic of Santa Claus is one of the most amazing and heartwarming, hope inspiring mysteries of all time.

The beliefs and energy and love of more than 2 billion people around the world connect via a mystical sleigh ride and the common desire to express love without taking personal credit or incurring any obligation on behalf of the recipient.

2 billion spirits become one… Santa Claus

This is my little poem about that magic.

I call it:

Hearing the Call

Santa Claus wears many hats
And sometimes he wears none at all

Sometimes Santa’s beard is long and white
And sometimes he has no beard at all

Sometimes Santa is tall and wide
And sometimes he’s short and small

Sometimes Santa is a jolly old man
And sometimes he’s not a man at all

Santa Claus appears in many forms
A symbol of love, joy and peace for all

In your DNA you have a Santa gene
And it activates when you hear the call

You see the magic of Santa
Isn’t really Santa Claus at all

It’s all the people who awaken
When they hear the call

They express pure love
Through the things that they do and say

And rather than giving to obligate
“This is from Santa Claus” is what they say