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I’ve Always Been Santa

I've Always Been Santa

Santa Claus is a friend of mine, I know him very well
So gather up real close, and listen to the story I will tell

It starts way back a long long time ago
I was probably about 3 years old or so

I don’t remember much about ol Santa, when I was just a kid
But I do remember a few, of the wonderful things he did

He would take a bite of cookie, a drink of milk and never make a noise
And he brought me an etch a sketch, a train and many other toys

We lost touch sometime before I hit my teens, until I was 24
But after my son was born, Santa again walked right through my door

For many years when the children were young I’d help Santa do his deed
I would buy, box and build most anything he would need

As the years went by and I became older, more plump and gray
I noticed an unusual thing while looking in the mirror one day

Santa wasn’t so much a mystery, or a secret, like he was before
Santa Claus was in me all the time, I now just look like him more

Your Touch

Your Touch

Only 3 times in 10 years have we been face to face
It makes me sad to think that that is the case

How many more times will you walk through my door?
Will it only be 3 or 6 times more?

We connect with the phone, Instagram, Facebook and such
But how many more times will I feel your touch?

I'm sitting here, pecking keys, thinking of you
Thankful; yet feeling some sadness too



Some work is like pushing a huge stone up a hill

Getting it done requires tremendous force of will

Other work is easy I get in a flow

And the job is complete the next thing I know

Flow don’t push I think is the lesson

But of course I don’t know, I’m only guess’n

The Path

The Path

I believe I have a right path, a path I call True North

Through light and dark I travel, with life pulling me back and forth

At times I stray, I lose my way, and True North is hard to find

It’s been so dark with things so stark, I’ve felt like I’ve gone blind

Distractions and anomalies, have held me in their sway

In still silence a guide appears, a compass to show the way

I get my bearings, and reorient, to the True North pole

Back on my way, in the light I’ll stay, as I follow the path of my soul 


It’s been said that we have a right path, a path we can call True North

Through light and dark we travel, as life weaves back and forth

When we stray and lose our way, our True North seems so hard to find

At times it gets so dark with things so stark, we may feel that we’ve gone blind

Distractions and anomalies, can hold us in their sway

Yet in still silence a guide appears, a compass to show the way

By slowing down and getting our bearings, we can reorient to the True North pole

And if we follow the direction of our internal compass, we will steer clear of the coal  


We can all stake our claim at the North Pole, if we do what we must do

And follow the compass that’s in our hearts, and on our course stay true


A Decision – Being Jolly

A Decision – Being Jolly

I made a decision, a long, long time ago
That I wanted to be happy, and I wanted it to show

We can be happy on the inside, that's a fine way to be
But I also think it's nice, when we let other people see

That's why people call me jolly, and smile at my sight
You might call it being cheerful, that is also right

So put a smile on your lips and a twinkle in your eye
And in addition to being happy, give being cheerful a try