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The American Way ~ 4th of July

The American Way ~ 4th of July

Recognizing that people have inalienable rights, given by God

That is what makes the United States, something to applaud

America is the only country ever founded on a creed

Declaring independence, the Founding Fathers planted a seed

The right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is given by the creator

Not by a King, Queen, Emperor, Emir, Prince, President or other dictator

Realizing that people have rights that are heaven sent

Rights given by God, not granted by people in a government

This unique concept makes America an exceptional place

One that has bettered the whole human race

So while celebrating the birth of this nation today

I’ll be remembering the creed and the American way

Santa in the Store in May Poem

Santa in the Store in May Poem

He spotted me as I was walking through the store

Hi Santa he called and waved as his toy dropped to the floor

I waved back, smiled and walked on over to say hi

He was wiggling and grinning he was a very excited little guy

Do you have my present he asked holding out his hand

No, not today, I said to this happy little man

Your present is at the North Pole, I’ll bring it on Christmas Eve

That’s OK he said and he asked for a hug as I turned to leave

I leaned over to his outstretched arms and gave him a big ‘ol hug

And as he put his arms around me he gave my beard a little tug

His parents smiled, nodded and whispered Thank You as I walked away

It’s fun to unexpectedly see Santa during the month of May

The Spirit of Christmas is always in the hearts of little girls and boys

They love Santa all year long, not only when he brings toys

Of course adults can also feel the Spirit every day of the year

The Spirit of Christmas is a special thing that we should all hold dear

Honeycomb Poem

Honeycomb Poem

Honey is sticky, gooey and very sweet

It’s made by bees and it’s healthy to eat

The bees make their honey in their home

They put the honey in what we call honeycomb

Bears eat honey in the comb and sometimes so do I

Would you like give eating it bear style a try?

It’s fun to eat it like the bears do

You taste the honey and the beeswax too

You can’t always get honeycomb from the store

But you can order it online and have it delivered to your door

I hope you will get some honeycomb and take a bite

You may not like it but then again you might

Plus it’s interesting to see the holes the bees make and put the honey in

That’s all for now but come back next week and you’ll see me again.

Mother’s Day Poem

Mother's Day Poem

On Mother’s Day things better done than said

Will you make a card, buy a gift, or serve her breakfast in bed?

We love our mom that’s for sure

And we want her to know this day is for her

So what can you do to show your mom your love?

Maybe you could clean your room, her car or all of the above

Maybe mom would like going to breakfast or lunch

Or maybe flowers in vase, oh a very beautiful bunch

Sometimes I like making presents but I like to buy them too

Oh, I’m sure you will know just what to do

Telling people we love them is important to say

But showing our love by doing things is the very best way

So remember to show your love every day

Not only on the special second Sunday in May.