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Christmas Poems

Stop Sign God Bless You Santa Claus

Stop Sign God Bless You Santa Claus

I rolled down my window as she rolled down hers with a smile
I noticed your license plate as I was following you for a while

When she saw my big beard she knew what to do
She rolled down her window to say “God bless you”

“God bless you” she just said it over and over again
And as she drove away I noticed on her face was a big ol’ grin

I just smiled as I drove away from that stop sign
I hope I made her day as much as she had made mine

Being Present

Being Present

I was sitting in my workshop just the other day
Looking out the window watching the reindeer play

I was thinking about Thanksgiving and how it’s almost here
And I was thinking about the summer and earlier in the year

I was thinking about children and my list of Naughty and Nice
And I was thinking about my list and how I would check it twice

Soon I awoke from my daydream I was back in the here and now
Doing what needed doing and doing it the best that I know how

There are many things we can think about in the future and the past
But being present in the moment is the only thing that will last

By staying in the present and giving our attention to what’s at hand
We can end regret and worry and grow right where we stand

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Hearing the Call

Hearing the Call

The magic of Santa Claus is one of the most amazing and heartwarming, hope inspiring mysteries of all time.

The beliefs and energy and love of more than 2 billion people around the world connect via a mystical sleigh ride and the common desire to express love without taking personal credit or incurring any obligation on behalf of the recipient.

2 billion spirits become one… Santa Claus

This is my little poem about that magic.

I call it:

Hearing the Call

Santa Claus wears many hats
And sometimes he wears none at all

Sometimes Santa’s beard is long and white
And sometimes he has no beard at all

Sometimes Santa is tall and wide
And sometimes he’s short and small

Sometimes Santa is a jolly old man
And sometimes he’s not a man at all

Santa Claus appears in many forms
A symbol of love, joy and peace for all

In your DNA you have a Santa gene
And it activates when you hear the call

You see the magic of Santa
Isn’t really Santa Claus at all

It’s all the people who awaken
When they hear the call

They express pure love
Through the things that they do and say

And rather than giving to obligate
“This is from Santa Claus” is what they say



Shopkins! Shopkins! We want Shopkins for Christmas
We’ve been good Santa, we’re on the Nice List I promise

Lippy is my favorite, or maybe it’s Toasty, or Miss Mushy-Moo
And I love Cheeky and Cupcake Queen but any Shopkin will do

The girls spotted me walking through the door
As they and their mom were walking out of a Target store

We exchanged smiles and I walked on in
And couple of minutes later I spotted them again

Seems that mom and the girls just couldn’t resist
They wanted to tell ol’ Santa what was on their Christmas List

Shopkins! That is what these young girls said
I wonder what they’d think of Lana Banana Bread

I’ve Always Been Santa

I've Always Been Santa

Santa Claus is a friend of mine, I know him very well
So gather up real close, and listen to the story I will tell

It starts way back a long long time ago
I was probably about 3 years old or so

I don’t remember much about ol Santa, when I was just a kid
But I do remember a few, of the wonderful things he did

He would take a bite of cookie, a drink of milk and never make a noise
And he brought me an etch a sketch, a train and many other toys

We lost touch sometime before I hit my teens, until I was 24
But after my son was born, Santa again walked right through my door

For many years when the children were young I’d help Santa do his deed
I would buy, box and build most anything he would need

As the years went by and I became older, more plump and gray
I noticed an unusual thing while looking in the mirror one day

Santa wasn’t so much a mystery, or a secret, like he was before
Santa Claus was in me all the time, I now just look like him more

A Decision – Being Jolly

A Decision – Being Jolly

I made a decision, a long, long time ago
That I wanted to be happy, and I wanted it to show

We can be happy on the inside, that's a fine way to be
But I also think it's nice, when we let other people see

That's why people call me jolly, and smile at my sight
You might call it being cheerful, that is also right

So put a smile on your lips and a twinkle in your eye
And in addition to being happy, give being cheerful a try

Santa in the Store in May Poem

Santa in the Store in May Poem

He spotted me as I was walking through the store

Hi Santa he called and waved as his toy dropped to the floor

I waved back, smiled and walked on over to say hi

He was wiggling and grinning he was a very excited little guy

Do you have my present he asked holding out his hand

No, not today, I said to this happy little man

Your present is at the North Pole, I’ll bring it on Christmas Eve

That’s OK he said and he asked for a hug as I turned to leave

I leaned over to his outstretched arms and gave him a big ‘ol hug

And as he put his arms around me he gave my beard a little tug

His parents smiled, nodded and whispered Thank You as I walked away

It’s fun to unexpectedly see Santa during the month of May

The Spirit of Christmas is always in the hearts of little girls and boys

They love Santa all year long, not only when he brings toys

Of course adults can also feel the Spirit every day of the year

The Spirit of Christmas is a special thing that we should all hold dear