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Christmas Poems

Fairy Triad Dome

Fairy Triad Dome

I saw a very special place to make a fairy home

And it is a called a Fairy Triad Dome

It is also a terrarium that comes with your very own seeds

So you can grow fairy flowers without any weeds

Create your own fairy wonderland and see how it feels

To have a home for plants and fairies, complete with pinwheels

Imagine watching for sprouts and then watching your plants grow

You’ll even have flowers the next thing you know

I think it would be fun to give it a try

That’s all for now, from me, That Santa Guy

How Does Santa Claus Do It All Poem

How Does Santa Claus Do It All Poem

How do you do all that you do?

That’s impossible I hear them say

Well I answer honest, I tell the truth, that’s always the very best way

But before I answer your question please answer one for me

How do you do what you? Please help make me see

How is it that you learned to walk and talk?

And how did you learn to sing and draw with sidewalk chalk?

You read and write, and even more than that, you think

How can you do what you do and makes you like the color pink?

Science, logic and many years of observation

All come up a bit short in their explanation

So how do I do all I do?

And how do you do what you do too?

A magical web connects every single thing

It’s this web that helps our voices sing

This web is responsible for the gifts we receive

Yes, this connecting web is love, at least that’s what I believe

Santa Claus Cookie Poem

Santa Claus Cookie Poem

Momma has them in the kitchen, the baking soda, salt and flour,

Butter, sugar, and eggs, we could have cookies in less than an hour.

Chocolate chips, a big bowl and an old wooden spoon,

The smell of baking cookies could fill our homereal soon.

Momma please, I’ll mix and stir and after I’ll wash the dishes,

And I’ll take some cookies to the neighbors with all of our good wishes.

Santa Claus will love our cookies so let’s leave him some too,

Momma please can we bake some cookies? It will be such a fun thing to do.

What makes those cookies taste so good as I eat them each Christmas Eve?

It’s not the butter, sugar or chocolate chips; it’s the love. That’s what I believe