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Halloween Poem

Halloween Poem

The doorbell rang so to the door I flew
3 children in costumes all said boo
They then did a double take, Santa? Is that you?

Ho Ho Ho I gave them a nod and wink
Well you tell me, what do you think?

Oh, look girls it’s Santa Claus the mom then said
I want a new doll said the witch with a hat on her head
I don’t want candy Santa I would like toys instead

Well ladies there are still 53 days until Christmas Eve
But I will give you each one these before you leave

I gave them each a bell from the shoe of an elf
And I suggested they put them at home on a shelf
I love Santa Claus I could hear one girl say to herself

Here comes a girl dressed like the Snow Queen
Ho Ho Ho, I wish you a very Happy Halloween



Stillness shattered by a haunting thought
Wide-eyed before dawn his gut in a knot

He had hopes and dreams that he aspired to
But the coward’s way out was all that he knew

Desire burning in his heart and his mind
Chilling thoughts dart as his molars grind

Standing at the crossroads of darkness and light
Two futures appear one dark and one bright

Bright requires courage to be all you can be
Darkness requires nothing but games and TV

Small steps at first he moved into the light
And he now sleeps soundly all through the night

The Trail

The Trail

12 hours in the saddle and 8 in the sack
Then 11 more on the trail making my way back

From well before sun-up till well after dark
I rode long and hard without leaving a mark

Lush pastures fed my very heart and soul
Mountains and deserts took their toll

I planted many seeds all along my way
And they feed and haunt me now today

Why is it that I ride so hard and so long?
And why do I write these words for a song?
Why do I do all the things that I do?

For me it’s about to thine own self being true
Why is it that you do the things that you do?

Nothing is Owed

Nothing is Owed

Emerging orange separates earth and sky
What sense is made of the who, what, when and why?
Wandering a mental maze as the miles whizz by

Highway mesmerized; a much lighter load
Contented; accepting that nothing is owed

Beaming smiles, a beacon of fun
Feeling content, in a job well done
Connected with Father and Son

Nurturing the good in new seeds sowed
Shining a light on how nothing is owed

Spreading light, dreaming dreams
Darkness vanquished in high beams
While joy is spread in social memes

Weed your garden, your lawn well mowed
Put fairy tales aside, know a toad is a toad

The journey ends, I’m where I should be
Catching up with the Mrs and her with me
With our eyes closed there’s so much that we see

Relax, breathe, disperse your load
Fulfilled by the giving, nothing is owed

How Do You Cover Your Sneeze

How Do You Cover Your Sneeze

No one likes to get sick, not me, you, or anyone
So follow these tips to stay healthy and have some fun

Do you know where we should cough or sneeze? Atchoo!
We should do it in our elbow and there’s something else too

Our mouth has germs that fly out when we sneeze
So we trap them in our elbow so they don’t fly in the breeze

Washing our hands with soap also helps us to not get sick
Or we can use sanitizing wipes to kill germs really quick

Don’t put your fingers or pencils in your mouth or your nose
And if your nose gets runny use a tissue, then in the trash it goes

These are some very good tips to stay healthy and to be nice
What list do you think your name will be on, when I check it… twice

Your Touch

Your Touch

Only 3 times in 10 years have we been face to face
It makes me sad to think that that is the case

How many more times will you walk through my door?
Will it only be 3 or 6 times more?

We connect with the phone, Instagram, Facebook and such
But how many more times will I feel your touch?

I'm sitting here, pecking keys, thinking of you
Thankful; yet feeling some sadness too



Some work is like pushing a huge stone up a hill

Getting it done requires tremendous force of will

Other work is easy I get in a flow

And the job is complete the next thing I know

Flow don’t push I think is the lesson

But of course I don’t know, I’m only guess’n