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The Path

The Path

I believe I have a right path, a path I call True North

Through light and dark I travel, with life pulling me back and forth

At times I stray, I lose my way, and True North is hard to find

It’s been so dark with things so stark, I’ve felt like I’ve gone blind

Distractions and anomalies, have held me in their sway

In still silence a guide appears, a compass to show the way

I get my bearings, and reorient, to the True North pole

Back on my way, in the light I’ll stay, as I follow the path of my soul 


It’s been said that we have a right path, a path we can call True North

Through light and dark we travel, as life weaves back and forth

When we stray and lose our way, our True North seems so hard to find

At times it gets so dark with things so stark, we may feel that we’ve gone blind

Distractions and anomalies, can hold us in their sway

Yet in still silence a guide appears, a compass to show the way

By slowing down and getting our bearings, we can reorient to the True North pole

And if we follow the direction of our internal compass, we will steer clear of the coal  


We can all stake our claim at the North Pole, if we do what we must do

And follow the compass that’s in our hearts, and on our course stay true


The American Way ~ 4th of July

The American Way ~ 4th of July

Recognizing that people have inalienable rights, given by God

That is what makes the United States, something to applaud

America is the only country ever founded on a creed

Declaring independence, the Founding Fathers planted a seed

The right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is given by the creator

Not by a King, Queen, Emperor, Emir, Prince, President or other dictator

Realizing that people have rights that are heaven sent

Rights given by God, not granted by people in a government

This unique concept makes America an exceptional place

One that has bettered the whole human race

So while celebrating the birth of this nation today

I’ll be remembering the creed and the American way

Honeycomb Poem

Honeycomb Poem

Honey is sticky, gooey and very sweet

It’s made by bees and it’s healthy to eat

The bees make their honey in their home

They put the honey in what we call honeycomb

Bears eat honey in the comb and sometimes so do I

Would you like give eating it bear style a try?

It’s fun to eat it like the bears do

You taste the honey and the beeswax too

You can’t always get honeycomb from the store

But you can order it online and have it delivered to your door

I hope you will get some honeycomb and take a bite

You may not like it but then again you might

Plus it’s interesting to see the holes the bees make and put the honey in

That’s all for now but come back next week and you’ll see me again.

Mother’s Day Poem

Mother's Day Poem

On Mother’s Day things better done than said

Will you make a card, buy a gift, or serve her breakfast in bed?

We love our mom that’s for sure

And we want her to know this day is for her

So what can you do to show your mom your love?

Maybe you could clean your room, her car or all of the above

Maybe mom would like going to breakfast or lunch

Or maybe flowers in vase, oh a very beautiful bunch

Sometimes I like making presents but I like to buy them too

Oh, I’m sure you will know just what to do

Telling people we love them is important to say

But showing our love by doing things is the very best way

So remember to show your love every day

Not only on the special second Sunday in May.